Birth Doula + Photography Services

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Nicole providing doula support to a loving client

Doula Services:

I believe a mother should birth her child wherever she feels most comfortable and confident whether that be in a hospital, a birth center, or at home.  My job is to support the birthing mother, help the partner support the birthing mother, and help the birthing mother carry out her birth wishes. I will be your advocate; I will be an extra set of eyes and hands making sure, within my power, that you are respected, protected, and that you are given proper informed consent in regard to everything that happens to you and your baby.  I do not provide any medical care and serve only as emotional and physical support during your birth. I provide basic breastfeeding support after birth and show you how to latch and nurse your baby.  Having birthed three of my own children under various conditions, I am able to empathize with the birthing mother and can better connect and support her and her partner. Doula services include two pre birth visits and one postpartum visit. 

Photography Services:

Birth is the beginning of the rest of a new life; nothing else on this earth can quite amount to the power and beauty of this day.  I will capture your labor, delivery, and immediate postpartum moments in a beautiful and artistic way. 

I also offer doula and photography services for cesarian section births. I can help you create a gentle birth plan, find a provider who will respect your wishes and carry out your birth plan, and I will be there to photograph it for you and your partner. 


I am an absolute birth junky and find there to be no greater privilege than to be in the presence of a birthing mother. I would be honored to be by your side and capture these moments for you too.

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Investments starting at $1,500.00


*Doula and Photography Services can be paired

* Raw Placenta Services available for doula/photography clients only 

*Birth Pool rental for doula/photography clients only 

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***Discounts available for Home Birth Families, Military, & Students. 

*** I will not accept clients who plan on circumcising their babies***