Off with his diaper!!!

He did it. He really did it. My stubborn, independent, funny, little butthead potty learned in two days. I had heard boys were a lot slower to learn and had a ton more accidents than girls did but that wasn't our experience.

When Harper was 18 months old she showed interest in the potty my mom had purchased for her 1st birthday. She would signal me to take off of her diaper and she would proceed to sit on it and pretend to wipe herself. I kept her diaper off afterwards and watched what she did. She would continue to play and without realizing it; pee on her feet. I realized she didn't have the brain/pee connection yet and that she probably wasnt ready. I put the diaper back on and tried a few more times until I saw her realize (mid pee) that she was in fact peeing on her feet. When this connection happened I took away the diaper and stayed home for two days constantly asking her if she had to use the potty. She then was diaper free during the day. For two whole weeks I waited for her to wake up dry in the mornings before I took the diaper away; mainly because I was lazy and didn't know how to teach her not to pee in her bed and I didn't want to do extra laundry and deal with pee sheets. Once she woke up dry for those two weeks (which was exactly two weeks after she learned to use the potty during the day) I took the diaper away at night. I reminded her, before I kissed her goodnight, that she had underwear on and that if she had to pee to use the potty I left for her next to her bed. Since she would go to bed at 6pm, I would go into her room around 12am and wake her up to pee on the potty in her room. I didn't want to bring her into my bathroom and have to really wake her up. So I got her to use it half asleep. I started going in at 1 and then stretched it to 2,3,4 and 5; you get the point. That was how I was able to get rid of the night diaper.

Cue Gunnar, a different child with a completely different personality. Gun started to take off his own diaper and pretend to sit on the potty since he was about 1. I watched him diaperless for a while and he didn't have the brain/pee connection at all until last week. He ripped his diaper off and I let it go; i didn't replace the diaper. I asked him to come into the bathroom and try to pee, Harper and I showed him how to relax and how to push. We kind of had a party in the bathroom with all four of us sitting on the floor/potty. The second time I asked him he had figured out how to pee and exclaimed "its working mooom". The rest of the day he went in and out of the bathroom doing his business without telling me. I would go in there to find the potty full. If I noticed too much time had gone by (20min) without seeing him in there I would say "Gun come on lets go sit on the potty" and he would follow me. A few times he resisted when I asked him to go; I realized I shouldn't have asked, I was giving him a direction not an option. As I was on the phone with my best friend, he ran into the bathroom and a few minutes later I hear "mom I pooped" so I went in there to find what he called a "snake" in the toilet. Harper and I were just so excited for him; that was all he needed to continue to use the potty. Im not sure if praise counts as a "reward" but that is all he received for using the potty. We stayed home pretty much for the next week while he ran around the house flapping in the wind. I took him out on short trips, the longest being 2 hours, and a birthday party on that sunday. He did great in the car, at karate, and the birthday party (4hrs using the bathroom there). He still wears a diaper at night, as we are going to try to have him wake up 2 weeks in a row with a dry diaper.

Some tips:

Look for the brain/pee connection - BTW I totally made this up but its what I call it lol.

No underwear or pants while they learn; must be butt naked.

Remind your child every 15 minutes to go sit on the potty.

Do not get upset at all if your child has an accident. Reassure them that it was totally okay and that everyone has accidents. Remind and encourage them to use the potty next time.

Poop; it might be a scary thing. Ask them if they want privacy or try calming breathing techniques.

Dont be afraid to hang out on the potty. Dont rush them!

Dont push them to do this, the more you push, the more they will resits. Potty learning is one thing kids feel they have control of and really they do.

Give them the option of using a potty ring; the pink thing below, or a potty seat; the blue thing below. Gunnar mainly uses the potty seat but will sometimes ask to use the ring because it sings a song.

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