Our date with the Polartec Cho Cho!

I got my hands on a new product that I would love to share with all of you for a few very important reasons. If you know me I am super keen on new baby products that employ new technology, are safe, fun looking, and made in the USA. I love when I find a product that can be used for more than one thing and makes my life just that much easier considering life with three kids is never easy.

This fancy pants hybrid blanket/ jumper is called the Polartec CHO CHO. There are little ^ above the O's but I am basic and couldn't figure that out. Basically it is a half blanket and half jumper all connected so that you have major flexibility when bundling your child for their car seat, stroller, and even babywearing! You slide your childs legs into the leg spaces and when it is unwrapped, their arms are free. There are two wings that you can easily wrap around your child if its cold, and you can easily unwrap them if your child is warm. How many times have you had to bend over and pick up your childs blanket off of the floor? What about when it drags on the ground or gets caught in the wheels of your stroller? Well that ain't going to happen with this product. The best part about this is that the wings fit through the arm straps of a car seat, not adding bulk under the straps! This is so important when discussing car seat safety and layering. This feature allows you to tighten the straps against your childs chest with only one layer of material between your child and the back of the car seat. This allows your childs straps to be perfectly placed and even pass the pinch test. After your child is properly strapped into the car seat you can then take the wings and wrap them around your child OVER their straps! This feature is so important because it gives you the flexibility to cool down or warm your child up without needing to pull over, remove them from their seat, undress them, and replace them back into their seat. You can simply open the wings and voila, cool down time. The same is true for use in a stroller.

My little one, Jagger, loves to be worn and close to mama so she spends little time in her car seat and stroller. Babywearing is her preferred method of transportation. I love the CHO CHO for babywearing as well, it is a very unique but an awesome addition to our babywearing garb. When wearing jagger while she is in the CHO CHO, I am able to shield her face and head from wind using the open wings that I sort of drape over the top of the wrap/carrier. When not wrapped around her arms (if she has them out of the carrier) or up by her head, they drape down by her back and shoulders keeping her warm and cozy. I absolutely love being able to control her temperature without unwrapping her! Those of you who use woven wraps know that sometimes it is difficult on the go to get a great wrap job. Especially when you are standing in a busy place full of staring people trying to strap a screaming baby to your body who happens to be pulling your hair and trying to fling herself onto the floor. So why not only have to do it one time!

Lets chat design. This color, peacock, is beautiful and unisex. When buying baby products, I usually gravitate toward the more neutral colors that don't scream "boy" or "girl" for a few reasons but mainly I may continue to populate the earth with little people and therefore would like to pass down and reuse our favorite products for our next spawn; doing this also makes a pricier purchase more rational for our family. I also loved the sort of marled look of the polartec fleece, it adds a sory of luxury look to the wrap making it even more appealing. The piping adds a nice contrast to the wrap making it even more of an eye catcher. The polartec is super warm yet thin which is always important. The other colors are just as beautiful as peacock.

If you have followed us for a while then you know our car saga thanks to Jagger and probably feel badly for us. Whenever we need to get in the car she SCREAMS her little beautiful face off until her eyes get red and puffy. It is truly pittiful and makes leaving the house difficult to the point where we only really go places if the trips are short or its a necessity. Well I popped my car hating babe into the Cho Cho wrap and swaddled her arms up and put her little "Meshy" next to her face. And... wait for it.... not a peep. Not a single peep! For once in the last six months my car ride wasn't a hellish nightmare in which I contemplate a hard right turn into a guard rail (joke; relax), instead it was an enjoyable ride in which I was able to bop to Justin Beiber and listen to my olders sing and chat. Cho Cho baby where have you been all of my life? Well the last six months at least.

Link to their website: https://www.chochomylove.com

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