My Challenge with the Bambino Mio Miosolo

So if you follow my instagram you would see that I showed you guys the new beautiful prints from Bambino Mio. We have been using their new diapers for about two weeks now and I can tell you these are literally the best diapers I have ever used. That says a lot considering we have been using both cloth and disposable diapers for the past four years with three kids.

This diaper is not only trendy and cool but it holds up to just about everything and anything. The fabric that touches your baby's skin is super soft and lush, it wicks away moisture easily and ensures that your baby stays dry even when her diaper is wet. The velcro wasnt uncomfortable on Jaggers belly, previously we have had issue with the velcro poking into the belly or leaving marks. This diaper certainly didnt do that. The velcro is also very sturdy, this is a great feature because Gunnar couldnt open it himself, this means a toddler with a butt full of poop isnt going to be able to open it up and throw it at you! Lol.

Miosolo in the evenings; nailed it. Jagger goes to bed at 5:30pm and doesn't get a diaper change until 6:30 am. We used a booster just because of the long night hours but we didnt have a leak at all. This diaper fits like a glove, seriously it does. One of the leading causes of cloth diaper leaks during the night is bad fit. I don't think this diaper could ever not work for every body type, seriously, the leg elastic is perfect and doesnt leave marks, the adjustable snaps allow you the freedom to change the diapers size to fit your baby, and the velcrow allows you to adjust for a snugger or looser fit. The booster didnt add a gigantic amount of bulk to the diaper either, which I hate. I hate not being able to fit my kids into their clothes because their diapers are over stuffed. Hence the term "fluff" of "fluffy butt" lol.

My husband is a seasoned cloth diaper changer and had no issue with this. He always leaves the poop for me to deal with but since Jagger is barely eating solids this isnt an issue yet. I stuff and set up the diapers for him or whomever else will change her and its as easy as putting on a disposable diaper. Seriously there is no difference here! When you get to the real poop stage, you will have to dump it in the toilet but thats about the only difference. Did you know that you are supposed to dump poop in the toilet even with disposables? So I recant my last statement, it is exactly the same as a dispoable in that sense.

Washing these diapers was super easy. I took our wetbag and dumped it into the diaper washer. I put the diapers on a cold rinse. I checked to make sure all of the inserts worked their way out and then I added rockin green soap to the top loader and put it on a hot wash, extra large, extra spin cycle. Once that was finished I then did an extra rinse. VOILA DONE! I then hung them up on our drying rack. By the next morning they were ready to go. I just pushed the inserts back in and arrainged them neatly on the changing table.

I urge you to try cloth. Get one and just dive right in. I know you will be pleasantly surprised by the ease and feel good about putting your baby in these! PS my favorite one is the BEE diaper :)

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