La Petite Creme

I have a dirty secret. I do not use wipes if my baby doesn't poop. Yes you heard that correctly, I do not use a wipe to clean off pee. Why you ask? Anytime you use a wipe you are breaking down the skin. Harper used to get horrific rashes and I tried everything available to me to heal them. One of the things that worked was to stop wiping if she only had a pee diaper. So back to the reason I am writing this today... La Petite Creme! Its a diaper cream/ lotion that is completely non toxic, hypoallergenic, cloth diaper safe, and a natural disinfectant!

Instead of using wipes you can use a dab of this on a cotton pad and use it like a wipe, it cleanses and applies diaper lotion at the same time and you can use reusable cloth wipes with it in order to cut down on waste and usage. Instead of using regular wipes I use this on every diaper change. Because its so thin and light, it allows oxygen to reach the diaper area; oxygen is necessary for wounds (diaper rash) to heal and to prevent yeast rashes. Since I got it I noticed Jagger's butt got even softer than it normally is. Because of that I started using it on dry patches on all three kids and I even use it on my tattoos! It brightens them up and moisturizes without leaving me all sticky.

At first the concept was a little odd to me. Here in America we are so obsessed with being "clean" and are all huge germaphobes. I mean, you almost cannot find a store these days that doesn't have purell dispensers ever 20 feet. If you know me, thats not how I roll. My kids eat off the floor, they eat their boogies, and play with duck poop. I think we have a problem here with being too clean, to the point where it is negatively affecting our health. When I came across La Petite Creme I was totally intrigued, a wipe without detergents or surfactants! A wipe without preservatives and things I cannot pronounce. I feel good about using this product and I love that there is an option in the wipe department that doesn't involve the wipe as we once knew. Back to basics and loving this product. You can get it here:

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