Wrangling the Girls

This is a fun one! You would think by my second child I might have nailed it down in the nursing bra department. NOPE! It wasn't until literally two weeks ago, when i discovered Cake Maternity, that I actually found a regular every day bra and a sports bra that worked for me.

When I was pregnant with Harper I was told to purchase the bravado nursing bras so I put a few on my registry and used those with her. The pads always flopped over, fell out in the laundry, moved to the wrong spot, and generally using this bra was a hassle for me; not to mention the fact that it would stretch out and not support me well. I settled again when Gunnar was born and just used the nursing bras that I had with Harper and even purchased a few more of the ones I wasn't even happy with! I should add that the bravado bras are pretty expensive for something that isn't fantastic.

Fast forward to Jagger. I simply wasn't going to settle for my breasts being down to my knees and constantly fumbling with the inner breast pad of the bra. I went on amazon and ordered 4 different nursing bras, trying to be frugal I tried the cheapest ones first. They all arrived and they all failed, some were super uncomfortable, some were the wrong size for me, and some of them were made of the crappiest material you could imagine. I again felt like I had to settle for the best out of the few I had ordered from Amazon until I heard about Cake Maternity.

I ordered two bras from them, the "Buttermilk Waffles 3D spacer Bra" and the "Orange Zest Pro Impact Flex Wire Nursing Sports Bra." They arrived and I immediately changed into the 3D spacer bra and haven't taken it off since. this bra doesn't have any extra padding as the bra material itself is thick enough to cover your nipples even in the coldest of A/C 'd rooms. The spacer makes me feel a little bit extra good about myself as it gives my chest definition instead of pancaking my breasts to my chest. There is a lace detail across the bottom and the back straps. I usually don't like lace but this didn't change the comfort of the bra at all and even adds a nice look to the bra. When you unclip the straps to nurse your breast is inside of a triangle piece of fabric that will add a little bit of coverage for you while nursing and will give your baby something to grab on to. The entire bra is very well made and sturdy, it does not retain odor even after a few uses (and its 90 degrees here). Overall I am shocked at how much I actually love this bra. I will be ordering a few more. The price is well worth it as these aren't going to fall apart or stretch out on you over time.

Right before I broke my foot, I took a kick boxing class where my kids learn Karate. I was so excited to try out the nursing sports bra as I have never seen anything like this one. I was instantly sold. The support, comfort, style, breathability, and flexibility were all there. It even looks like a normal full support sports bra! The best part about this was when I got home and Jagger needed to nurse, I just had to unclip to feed her instead of fumbling with two sports bras (something I had to do previously due to my chest size), or risking mastitis because of how tight I needed a normal sports bra to be to provide the right support for me. It even has an attached clip to make the back a "racerback" style to hide your straps if you are wearing a tank top. SOLD!

It's funny to me that I didn't know what I was missing until I had something good. I was able to focus on the kickboxing class instead of having to be self conscious about my chest. I was finally comfortable! The Buttermilk Waffles bra was so comfortable that I wasn't longing to rip it off by the end of the day as I normally do. Cake Maternity you win!

Here's the link to their website: https://www.cakematernity.com/nursing-bras/all-nursing-bras

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