Unbuckle Me!!!!!

So my mom has always complained that it takes her a good while to get the kids unbuckled in their car seats. I knew it wasn't the car seat that was the problem, well um it was my mom (sorry mom). She has these wolverine like nails; okay maybe not wolverine but pretty close, that prohibit her from being able to put her thumb on the buckle to get the right amount of pressure on it to release it. There was literally no solution to this problem except for recommending that she cut her nails. I knew this wasn't going to go over well because she's worn her nails this long for as long as I can remember. Then I came across a product called the "unbuckle me," and knew we needed to try it!

The product itself is a small leverage device that goes over the buckle and helps to apply the pressure with minimal effort on the users part. I gave it to my mom to try and she exclaimed "this is the best f*ckin piece of baby gear that was ever invented." Yep she curses too; where do you think I got it from? She was immediately sold and so was I. Now I don't have to worry about my mom getting my kids out the car in the event on an emergency. The next test was to have the kids try it. They never ever touch their buckles while we are driving thank goodness, but when I need them to unbuckle themselves they cant. I am would be forever grateful for anything that eliminates the need for me to do some contortionist movements to reach them in the third row of my truck. So we handed it to Harper (5 yrs old) to try and it worked like a charm. She just needs a little more practice on how to slide it around the buckle properly but once she gets it she's able to let herself out easily! Gunnar (3yrs) was not as successful and didn't really care to unbuckle himself. He was rather resistant to even trying as he gets easily frustrated. So I would say this device could be used for 4 yrs and up and maybe even younger depending on the child. I would tether this somewhere near Harpers car seat so that she can let herself out. I would tether one for Gunnar too but it doesn't look like he wants to use it yet. I want to reiterate that my children never touch their buckles, they understand the importance of their car seats and buckles, and have never tried to unbuckle. If I forget my seatbelt they yell at me and tell me Ill die if I don't put it on. I would not suggest everyone have these tethered somewhere near their children's carseats but I know this will work for my family.

The campaign is in their last 24 hours on kickstarter right now and you can grab one of these bad boys for $15 dollars. If you or a family member have difficulty with car seat buckles I suggest you grab this. Its excellent for people with any type of hand injury, arthritis, long nails, toddlers who need the leverage, and anyone who struggles with the buckles. Please go support this campaign, I promise you will absolutely love this product. IT WORKS AND IT WORKS WELL.


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