How I lost 30 Lbs, Minus the Sugar Coating

As most of you know I lost a baby back in early March. For two weeks after I barely ate, I was dehydrated, sick, and in a state of psychosis. I literally couldn't remember anything except that I was walking around feeling like I was high. I needed to do something so I signed up for Purium through my herbalist. I figured now was a better time than any to start considering I had the head start of shrinking my stomach and losing most of my cravings. It helped that my amazing village of friends cooked me extremely healthy delicious wholesome foods to eat when I did actually eat.

So I started Purium after ordering the 10 day cleanse and I felt great. After the first night I omitted the apothe-cherry nightly drink as it had too much sugar for me. Right before I was pregnant with Jagger, my blood results came back that I was pre diabetic. This was no surprise to me considering my family history on my fathers side was riddled with type 2 diabetes. Initially when I started this I had no goal, actually that is a lie. My goal was lets not die and lets give me nourishing foods so my brain doesn't rot away. All of a sudden I started losing weight rapidly, I was no longer tired and struggling to function in the mornings (kids wake up between 7-8am and I couldn't function till around 12), I wasn't eternally hungry, and I was getting back to myself. At the same time I started this program I also started going to a hot yoga class basically every day. I tried to take one day off a week but there were times I'd go for a few weeks straight.

I ended up modifying the 10 day transformation because I was way too calorie deficient since adding the hot yoga class. If I am not mistaken the class burns around 600-700 calories and I would sometimes take a YIN yoga class if I had time once a week as well. So after 3 days of full ten day transformation plan, I replaced one of the shakes with a full meal. This gave me the energy I needed to practice yoga to the best of my abilities, and I was still losing weight and staying away from sugary carby foods without thinking twice.

My day looked like this:

Wake up 7:30- 8am: Take 5 aminos 1 Super Lytes Drink tons of water

10-11am: Hot Yoga

12pm: Shake 1

1pm: 5 aminos 1 super lytes

2-3ish: Lunch or Shake 2

6pm: Dinner or Shake 2

My meals are usually protein like grilled chicken, steak, or tuna with salad and or another vegetable. I cook with only avocado or olive oil, a little salt, and some garlic. The only fruit I try and eat are berries, and cucumbers and a scoop of peanut butter were my snacks. I want to add that in order to prepare for the cleanse they ask that you be vegan and try and wean off of coffee so that you don't get caffeine headaches. I didn't do this and I didn't remain vegan while on the cleanse. It was a personal choice for me. I am sure had I followed the ten day transformation to a T that I would have lost more weight at a faster rate, however because of the Yoga I decided I needed to add these to the cleanse in order to be able to perform in the extreme conditions.

I want to be clear about something. I have tried both isagenix and shakeology. I had some success with both but never felt totally great about the ingredients in either. Shakeology had stevia which makes me sick. I can't stand the taste of stevia and it was apparent in this program. Secondly shakeology is something you can dress up with other ingredients. Having this flexibility was a bad thing for me and my shakes always had a ton of fruit/oats/peanut butter/almond milk in them which then defeated the whole purpose. I am not knocking their product at all, I'm simply stating why it didn't work for me; the answer is it didn't work for me because of me lol. I truly believe if you stick to any of these programs you'll find results. Purium isn't just a weight loss program, their shakes and supplements are used for a variety of health issues.

Shake flavors:

Original and Apple Berry are the flavors of the Power shake. The first time I ordered I had apple berry. I loved it and it was sweet enough to help me get that sweetness I inherently crave. The next month I made a mistake and ordered the Original flavor. At first I was pissed I made the mistake and then I loved the Original. The third month the Apple berry came and I didn't like it because I had gotten used to the not sweet original flavor. If you love sweet; get apple berry. If sweet isn't your thing and you enjoy green juices; get the original.

So what and how to order?

I suggest you start with the ten day transformation. I was able to make the products last a good month, clearly more than ten days, by doing it my way. If you stick to the transformation and it works for you, I would just go ahead and order the products you liked. For me I have my shakes, aminos, and super lytes delivered regularly. There are a bunch of other supplements they sell that Ive tried too. Be energetic is good if you are weaning off of caffeine as if gives you some of the same effects as coffee. I've used the xanthan, the appetite control, and the MVP shake and Beet pre workout shakes. I loved everything I've tried except the cherry drink and the MVP shake. Cherry was too sweet for me and too much sugar and the MVP shake has pea protein and I just don't love the taste of that.


Go to and type in my $50 off code readysetchaos. Make sure you add yourself as a wholesale member. This will give you half off shipping and the best prices to order. Add the ten day transformation to your cart. Once you do this a pop up should be on your screen were you can click "customize" if you do this you can choose your shake flavors this way. You will also have to choose the flavor of your fiber. It is then going to ask if you want to do PLC. PLC is the recurring monthly shipment and will automatically renew after the 10 day. In order to get the cheapest prices, click yes for PLC and just set it up to get the good pricing. Then once you get your cleanse you can try it and see if you want to continue it or cancel it to have more time to think. Just remember to cancel or it will automatically renew.

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